6 Probiotics Profile

Are there probiotics in Sosi's Armenian Yogurt Dips?

Every time you eat Sosi’s, you’ll be getting six live strains of probiotics.

Probiotics are living, “good bacteria” that are used by your body and your digestive tract. Your stomach is home to 500 different species of bacteria. Probiotic “guests” help with digestion, provide important nutrients, and aid the immune system. Close to 10% of your energy each day is rooted in the byproducts of this bacteria in your gut.

The numerous and diverse benefits of Probiotics make them invaluable to a healthy and balanced diet. Adding Sosi’s to any meal is one easy way to bring probiotics into your life.

What are the six strains of probiotics?

  1. S thermophilus
  2. L bulgaricus
  3. Bifidobacterium
  4. L. Acidophilus
  5. L. Lactis
  6. L.Casei