Armenian Yogurt Dip - Spinach Jalapeno

Armenian Yogurt Dip - Spinach Jalapeno

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Love to spice up whatever you eat? Sosi’s Spinach Jalapeno mixes just the right amount of cool yogurt and hot Jalapeno for a healthy and modern twist on traditional spinach dip.


Lose the sour cream and jalapeño slices. Use Sosi’s Spinach Jalapeno Dip as the perfect touch to spice up your tacos, burritos, or nachos.

  • Suggested Product Uses

    • A dip and appetizer to serve with vegetables, breads, chips, pita chips and crackers! 
    • A savory spread in sandwiches, flatbreads or bagels!
    • A topping for falafels and burritos!
    • A topping to baked potatoes or mixed in to your mashed potatoes!
    • A flavorful substitute for sour cream, cream cheese, mayonnaise and flavored butter!
    • A gourmet side for all your roasted vegetables and potatoes!
    • Added to vegetable, grain and pasta dishes to make them creamy and add depth of flavor!
    • Added to your oil and vinegar (or lemon) for a creamy salad dressing!
    • A great tenderizing marinade for meat!
    • Garden Mint is an inseparable companion for all lamb dishes , grilled meats and gyros!
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    Because we make all of our product in fresh, small batches, please allow 1-3 productions days before shipping. It's coming to you freshly made. 

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