Company History

My passion for food began, long before our company, with my Grandmother Nune. She inspired me to be passionate about the important things in life; good food, family, friends, and dancing. When Sosi's Healthy Pleasures began in my kitchen, I found the perfect way to combine my grandmother’s favorite flavors with traditional Armenian yogurt, creating our popular Armenian Yogurt Dips.

We began selling Sosi’s Armenian Yogurt Dips in the summer of 2011 at the local farmer’s market in Denver, where my husband Joe, a loving supporter of my dreams, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me. Today we are growing across the country from Wegmans on the East Coast to Bristol Farms on the West Coast and everywhere in between. As Sosi’s has grown out of my kitchen to store shelves nationwide, we have maintained our traditional small batch approach to create and bring the perfect all-around handy, savory yogurt to you and your families’ dinner tables, parties, and picnics.