About Us

Armenian Yogurt has a rich and creamy texture and a tangy flavor which lends itself beautifully to our savory dips. Our dips are high in protein, have 6 strains of active probiotics, have no thickeners, no fillers, no rBST, no added sugars, and are naturally gluten free. 


We are always committed to preparing our rich Armenian Yogurt Dips in traditional small batches. We blend flavorful, real ingredients like red peppers, artichokes, spinach, jalapenos, and more with healthy probiotics.


Don’t stop at dipping; use Sosi’s instead of mayonnaise, sour cream or cream cheese. Spread Sosi’s on your sandwiches, use it as a marinade for meats, or spice up your burritos, nachos, or baked potatoes.

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